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~June 2016 / Under Construction~


  1. "'See me, and learn to know me':
    Teaching Lord Mayor's Shows in the Undergraduate Classroom"
    by Dr. Mark Kaethler, University of Guelph

Man with Pitcher

Short Essays: Teaching Non-Traditional Text(s)

  1. "Violent Crime as Revenge Tragedy; Or, How Christopher Dorner Led Criminologists at CSU Long Beach to Shakespeare,”
    by Dr. Jeffrey R. Wilson, Harvard University

  2. "Caught in Translation: Teaching Old English Literature to Undergraduates,"
    by Ruth Oldman, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

  3. "Teaching Cross-dressing Comedy with Thomas Middleton's The Widow,"
    by Dr. Gregory M. Schnitzspahn, Lesley University

Book Reviews

  1. The Year of Lear: Shakespeare in 1606, by James Shapiro
    Reviewer: Dr. Renée Pigeon,
    California State University, San Bernardino

  2. Anecdotal Shakespeare: A New Performance History, by Paul Menzer
    Reviewer: Dr. John Henry Adams, Arizona State University