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~June 2012~



  1. "Performative Education and Educational Disruption: 
    The Taming of the Shrew
     and The Tamer Tamed

    by Dr. Miranda Garno Nesler, Ball State University
  1. "King John and the Obedience of All Degrees" 
    by Dr. Kristin Lucas, Nipissing University

Man with Pitcher


Short Essays: Teaching Non-Traditional Texts

  1. "Grappling with Sir Gowther in the Middle English Survey" 
    by Dr. Alan S. Ambrisco, University of Akron

  2. "The Icelandic Sagas as a Subject for Undergraduate Study" 
    by Dr. John P. Sexton, Bridgewater State University

  3. “Teaching Lyly's Endymion in Undergraduate Survey Courses" 
    by Prof. Nancy L. Simpson, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Book Reviews

  1. Teaching the Early Modern Period, Edited by Derval Conroy and Danielle Clark
    Reviewer: Dr. Darlene Farabee, University of South Dakota
  1. Playing Shakespeare, By John Barton
    Reviewer: Dr. Michael Boecherer, Suffolk County Community College

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